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DJ Tim HoustonDJ Jeff

DJ Jeff is like no other DJ in the business. He is great for Kids DJ parties as well as teens and adults. Jeff does over 100 voice impressions and will incorporate many of the voices in his show. His voices include, George Bush, Bill Clinton, Arnold Swartzeneggar, Christopher Walken, Mr. Moviephone, and many more. He also does cartoon voices like Quagmire, Peter, Stewie, and others from Family Guy. Other voices from Southpark, The Simpsons, The Cleveland Show, and other cartoons.

Jeff has been in the entertainment industry for more than 6 years in the Houston area specializing in corporate events, receptions, and birthday's. Pre-show music selection ensures a smooth event with nearly 1 terabyte of songs in his catalog—from the 1950’s to today’s hits. His high-end gear features the latest mixers, speakers, and DJ software. Jeff's quick wit and comedic style can turn a lackluster event into a fun, entertaining party to remember!

Jeff is dedicated to his clients—making their satisfaction his top priority. He will do everything possible to ensure that the event is a memorable success!

DJ show includes the following:

*Voice Impressions
*Interactive Games
*Line Dances
*Novelty Prizes

DJ Equipment includes the following:

*Mixer with triple redundancy
*Wireless Microphone
*Laptop with Virtual DJ Pro
*2 x 200 Watt Speakers
*Fog Machine

Costumed themes available for DJ Jeff

*George Bush DJ
*Pirate DJ
*Gorilla DJ
*Hawaiian DJ
*Beetlejuice DJ
*Vampire DJ
*Superhero DJ (ask about super hero costumes)